July 8, 2011

The Perfect Summer Friday Sandwich

I’ve been holding this one under my hat for a while. I was waiting and waiting for the perfect way to introduce this sandwich to you. But enough is enough; I’m just going to come out with it.

This is the Roast Beef Sandwich from Clancey’s Meats & Fish, and it’s one of the best sandwiches in town for sure. It’s the perfect get-off-work-early-on-a-Friday sandwich.

I always get a good feeling when I go into Clancey’s, probably because when I go in there I either have a special dinner in the works and I need to pick up the meat for it or because I’m going to eat this sandwich.

It’s quite simple, this Roast Beef Sandwich, but quite perfectly executed with only the best ingredients. The baguette is crusty on the outside, appropriately soft in the inside, and flavorful. The roast beef is rare and so fresh. Marinated peppers, fresh lettuce, a very healthy dose of fresh horseradish (that always clears out my sinuses). And I always request oil and vinegar instead of a smear of mayonnaise.

The first time I had this sandwich, I almost lost my mind with delight. Why doesn’t everyone in town talk about this sandwich?!

I think because most people don’t know it exists. That is the only possible explanation.

Try it, people, try it.

The only bad thing about this sandwich is that I love it so much that I won’t try any of their other sandwiches. And last Friday when I picked this up, they had a pulled pork sandwich special that I’m sure was amazing.

Clancey’s is primarily a butcher shop; sandwiches are secondary to what they do. It’s the perfect place to get great meat. They have just about any cut you can dream of and they also make homemade brats and burger patties (some with interesting flavor additions like blue cheese and green onions) in house. They’re always helpful, always knowledgeable.

And heck, they make killer sandwiches.

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