May 15, 2012

Meat Lovers and Non Meat Lovers Unite: Butcher and the Boar

I was supposed to be at Butcher and the Boar this Sunday with some of our other expecting friends--a semi Mother's Day, if you will, for 2 prego ladies and their meat-loving husbands.

But, bedrest and a weekly OB appt with no field trips granted prevented that.

It's okay, I guess.

I'll just consider myself lucky that I got to go twice already.

This place is going to be a good thing. I know it. It possesses the ability to please meat lovers and people that aren't so obsessed with meat alike. That is rare.

I first went with Zach for a little Friday date night weeks ago. I loved it. He loved it. They made me a "prego cocktail," an interesting one, no less. We ordered wisely. We liked everything we got. All was good. We were so happily full that we didn't really care at all that we had paid to have the valet park our car in the first parking spot immediately next to the door--and that they handed us our keys when we picked it up after dinner instead of backing the car out for us. (Nice, valet guys, nice.)

There aren't many times when I would pass up a lobster grilled cheese on a menu--so we started with that as an app. Delicious and rich as expected, crispy and buttery, oozy and lobstery. It was pretty special. And something to definitely share.

We cleansed our palettes after that with a salad. It felt like the sensible thing to do in between a lobster grilled cheese and meat feasting. I don't usually get too hyped up about salads, but this one was solid. Cornbread croutons and bacon jazzed it up. Not sure cornbread croutons and bacon can be considered a palette cleanser, but cut us a break.

For our entree we split the cheddar sausage, which came with uber mustardy broccoli and some fresh crisp apples. Really good stuff. I've since had some of the other sausages, and I would say by far the cheddar one has been my favorite. We we ordered some grits on the side--creamy and decadent, per usual as far as grits go.

I've had their gingerbread banana pudding twice now for dessert--I love the pudding. Can take or leave the gingerbread. But I actually think the real dessert start at B and the B is the homemade s'more plate that my friends and I got for free the last time we were there thanks to some sub-par service (first visit, service was great; second visit, not so much).

Spotty service and bad valet service, aside, the food is delish. We'll be back after BGC makes her appearance into the world and frees me from bedrest--when she is 2 and I'm good leaving her with a sitter, that is. (Although this place is loud enough to probably sneak in a newborn--and I have a feeling I won't be beyond that.) Life is about to change!