December 4, 2011

White Carby Doughy Yum: Sun Street Breads

It’s been quite a while since we tried a new restaurant. And it’s been even longer since I took my camera along when we tried a new restaurant. But alas, we have a new one to add to the repertoire. I think we’ll add this one to the casual Friday night repertoire. Sun Street Breads.

It’s been on my list for a while. After picking up their baguettes on many a Saturday morning at the Fulton Farmer’s Market (and deeming it best baguette in town), I’ve been wanting to try their bricks and mortar location. A bite of their uber comforting and creamy Biscuits & Gravy (also) at the market, upped the urgency.

I knew I liked it the second I walked in on Friday night. It was full enough of patrons to give it life, but not full enough to require a wait (so rare on a Friday night and so fantastic). It was also cozy and dimly lit and easy to be in, if that makes sense.

Let’s just say if white carby doughy stuff is your thing (and it is for me), then you’ll love this place.

We started out with the Challabacitas, pumpkin stuffed challah dough that came with a green onion sour cream for dipping. Mmm. The Challabacitas themselves were rich doughy fried pieces of goodness that paired so nicely with the cool sour cream.

We also tried the Fry Bread Tacos with porketta, which were fine. But I’d leave ‘em next time and try the Tostones & Mojo instead.

I had scoped out the menu ahead of time as I always do and had a hard time deciding what I wanted. While they have regular entrees, they have a pretty fab lineup of sandwiches. And when you’re in a place known for its bread, it feels like the required thing to do. The Latin Cowboy (sandwich) was calling my name with its baguette, beef, peppers, and chimichurri sauce, but I was pretty sure the beef would be rare, and this pregnant foodie can’t eat rare beef for the next six months. So no go on that.

The Breaker 19 was also enticing—green onion sausage, fried eggs, and cheese on challah. I think I will have to try that next time.

I ultimately ended up picking for the Shorewich because of the “fluffy white bun” it came on. It was delicious. And huge. A monstrous piece of cornmeal crusted cod with tartar sauce and coleslaw and fresh lemon slices. On a bun. A fluffy white bun. I love fluffy white buns.

(And now that I’m typing this, I’m wondering if the tartar sauce had raw eggs in it since everything there is homemade. Crap. Pregnant foodie paranoia.)

My seat unfortunately had a clear view of the desserts. There weren’t many—but they also looked delicious. I saved room.

My friend Wendy and I shared the Vanilla Malt Ice Cream Sundae which we politely didn’t polish off. Zach had the Chocolate Cake which was rockstar and rich. And our other friend Ben held out for the last piece of homemade Tres Leches Cake he had at home. Cruel.

Other must-haves (especially if you can’t imbibe) are the homemade sodas. I had the pineapple one and I loved it because it wasn’t too sweet. Syrups made in house too, of course.

Any place that overindexes on white carby doughy things will always win in my book.