January 13, 2011

A sad weekly round-up

It's been a disappointing food week. (Sigh.) And it started out so promising.

Zach and I are on a mission to eat dinner at home more (why exactly, I am not completely sure), but nonetheless, I'm on a mission to stick to my mission.

So, eat dinner at home more. That proves to be a challenge for us. It takes a lot of planning to get dinner on the table after work. And a lot of quick trips to the grocery store. And a lot of clean up.

So, I decided to cook my butt of on Sunday. I made homemade pizza dough (for Sunday night white pizzas with arugula). I made chicken potpie from Ad Hoc at Home. And I made Shrimp and Green Bean Curry from Bon Appetit. Half of the curry to be had over rice. Half to use in quesadillas another night. The pizza was delicious. We ate that fresh Sunday night. Success.

And that's where the success ends. I have been reminded of why leftovers just don't do it for me.

That potpie was a beauty Sunday when it came out of the oven. The crust was perfectly browned and I had taken my time to fold over the excess pie crust edges so that they actually looked nice. The bechamel was bubbling just so slightly under the crust. Beautiful, I tell you.

Same for the curry. It was a pretty, bright creamy green, speckled with freshly chopped cilantro. The green beans were cooked to perfection. And the little shrimps were cutely curled up and pink. 

Fast forward to Monday night. Potpie went into the oven to re-heat. Potpie came out and was served onto plates. So-so. Where was my creamy, comforting bechamel? Soaked into the veggies, I'm afraid.

Fast forward to Tuesday night. Because my brother had joined us for dinner Monday night, we didn't have leftovers to stretch into Tuesday. I was not disappointed about this, I'll be honest. A perfect excuse to go out! And I couldn't say I hadn't tried! Zach easily obliged. Off to one of our favorites, we went. I'm not going to name names here because this favorite of ours is sure to be an upcoming restaurant review on here because it is almost always fantastic, but not their best effort on Tuesday. That is really rare. The food gods were not looking out for me this week.

Wednesday night I learned that curry doesn't freeze well, especially when it contains coconut milk. Things separated, it seemed more oily than creamy. The green color had dulled into more of a split-pea green. The green beans were limp and watery, and I don't know that shrimp was meant to be re-heated. But I powered through. I ate it.

Tonight I followed through and completed the plan by turning the leftover-leftover curry into quesadillas. Not impressive. I'm deflated. Bad food makes me crabby.

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