January 4, 2011


I don't know why I haven't thought of this sooner.

I find myself frequently stifling myself from updating my Facebook status to something food-related because I'm sure my not-so-foodie friends get pretty sick of hearing about what I ate for dinner, every single particulate that was in the cookies I baked, or how I practiced using my new DSLR by taking hundreds of pictures of beautiful little candies that I bought at Sugar Sugar.

But that's always what I seem to want to talk about!

So, seems so obvious. Start a blog about food. About the sheer delight and comfort I get from going to our local (and quite delicious) pasta bar for dinner in the middle of the week. About my method for reading a new cookbook when I first get it (quick flip through initially to get a lay of the land, followed by a cover to cover thorough reading, generally ignoring the intro). About how deep down I love the kudos garnered from our family's chocolate cupcake recipe.

My mom is partly to thank for this obsession. French-born, she grew up on good food, and fed that good food to me and my brother all of our lives. So generally speaking, my standards are high. But don't get me wrong. I have foods I'm embarrassed to admit I do love as a self-proclaimed foodie. Store-bought cake. Manwich. Chik-fil-a. Cheescurds.

So, here we go. No more stifling...


  1. I think you forgot swedish fish on your list of guilty pleasures. Love the blog! I look forward to reading more!

  2. Ah yes, I remember the days of hanging out at your house and being fed by your mother while you children played. Boy do I miss those days!

  3. Oh I'm so excited to start reading your blog! I discovered you through Urban Spoon... I've been dying to go to Piccolo and your review was one I saw- Amen for good food! And mac and cheese :)