March 6, 2014

Random Faves

Our computer has been all out of sorts lately because I overloaded it with a gazillion pictures of Lola (shocker). So, the other day we cleaned it up a bit so that it was at least functional again. And instead of relishing in its working order again, I uploaded months and months of pictures off of my iPhone (which also has been filled to the brim as of late). Toddlers take up a lot of space in all areas of life, it turns out.

But I realized that I have a lot of unshared new(ish) food favorites that I haven't captured on the blog. Why haven't I captured them on the blog? Mostly because I don't take as many pictures when out to eat as I used to. It started to feel like work to lug my DSLR around. I got self conscious about people watching me snap away with my camera in the middle of a crowded restaurant. And after hearing a friend tell me she doesn't capture every moment with her phone because she actually tries to live in the moment instead, I thought she was on to something. I'm working on this. Very slowly, but surely. 

So, what that leaves me with is a few mediocre Instagram shots. Mostly with poor lighting. But I hope you'll look past it.

So, without further adieu, some of my currently Minneapolis food faves.

Sonora Grill: I've always loved Sonora Grill, but really almost never went when they were just in Midtown Global Market. I was super excited when they opened up their new sit-down location. Awesome tacos (especially the chicken one!), good coconut rice, a good kid-friendly option. Open a place over here in SW, please!

Terzo Wine Bar: This was a fabulous addition to the Fulton neighborhood. A totally refreshing new venture from the Broders. Cool wine bar with great cheese and prosciutto boards, great wines, fun daily $1 skewers, great service. Perfect balance of neighborhood hang out and special occasion place. This is a date night keeper.

Hello Pizza: How has this place not ended up on the blog yet? Totally unacceptable. We have seemingly dumped Pizzeria Lola for this place (only because it's just easier and quicker for us with our Lola in tow). Turns out this place is Lola's happy place. So much so that I actually suggested to Zach that we do our family photo shoot there. Favorites: the Spinach Artichoke Pizza, the Adobo Chicken Pie, Smokey Greens salad, and the Korean Cowboy sub. And now they deliver!

The Rookery: So, my friend and I went to try this out a few weeks ago. The waiter said he'd recommend that we try everything on the menu and that it wouldn't be too much for the two of us. "Are you sure," we asked. "Oh yea," he reassured. Bullshi*. We ordered almost everything, skipping out on maybe 5 plates. We were stuffed. Well, back up. I was stuffed. My poor friend was ready to curl up and die she was so full. But another amazing Minneapolis (well, Robbinsdale) resto! Favorites included: the leeks, the tofu, and the brussels. Oh, AND the vodka grapefruit drink. Date night worthy in a big way.

Sun Street's Monday Pizza Night: I was going to say that I wish Sun Street did pizza night every night, but then it might not seem so special. Pizza night at Sun Street is simple (just a few pizzas to choose from, just a few different wines, and beers, maybe a salad or two) but so good. I've had a few different pizzas on Monday nights there now, and they have all been great. This is a great cozy winter night dinner out.

Sebastian Joe's Nicollet Ave Pothole ice cream: What I want to know is how no one ever told me about this ice cream. I mean, the second I tasted it, I claimed it my favorite ice cream of all time. And I've been eating some good ice cream lately. Chocolatey and gooey (from drizzly salted caramel), with little crunchy bits from Heath bars and chocolate candy. I mean, seriously people. Salty, sweet, gooey, creamy, crunchy. This is a game-changer. I don't have ANY picture of this one because I'm totally in a zone when eating this stuff.

Consider yourself mostly caught up!

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