September 21, 2013


I have a lot to say about snackies.

First, this is one of probably a few too many "baby words" that I say to Lola. Snackies instead of snacks, tubby instead of bath, night-night instead of bed. They say you shouldn't do this. But I do it. I'm working on stopping.

Second, I'm a little obsessed with snacks for Lola. I find myself much more interested in brainstorming the snacks I feed her than the meals I feed her sometimes. I'm not sure why exactly this is but I have a feeling it's because I had some solid snacks growing up. My mom almost always had a special snack waiting for us when we got home from school. This time of the year, it was often ginger snaps with hot cocoa. I would sit at the counter with my snack and tell her all about my day.

A few weeks ago I was joking to her via text about how my brother always seemed to be available to come over if there was a free meal on the table. She texted me back and said "Food is the great seducer. Remember this when Lola comes home from school and you want to hear about her day." She's wise, my mom. Snacks can be very important.

Third, we have hit some sort of major growth spurt around here because Lola can not get enough to eat. She signs that she is hungry all of the time and polishes off big snacks multiple times a day. I can't seem to keep the house stocked with enough snacks for this child.

So, this week when my mom was here, we brainstormed some new snack ideas for Lola (thank god).

One of the ideas I got most excited about was these ham and cheese crepes. As most of you know, my mom is French. And a purist. So, she had a little bit of heartburn over putting ham and cheese in them, but knowing the appetite L is sporting lately, she turned a blind eye.

These puppies were a joint effort. Mimi lovingly made the crepes. I lovingly stuffed them and prepped them for the freezer. I can't wait to dig into them this week.

Here is the list of other ideas we came up with for anyone else that is in need of some new ones. (Caveat: we aren't doing nuts yet with Lola, so you'll see nut butters are not included...lord knows there are a thousand more ideas involving nut butters.)

Ham & cheese crepes (obvi)
Dips (nectarine butter, eggplant yogurt dip, hummus, veggie ricotta)
Crackers (this is our favorite homemade cracker recipe right now...our favorite store-bought are Bunnies)
Muffins (so many, many options)
Mini quiches, mini frittatas
Pancakes (whole wheat, cornmeal blueberry, pumpkin, apple cinnamon oat, veggie, corn)
Smoothies (with fruit, a veggie, yogurt, milk, and wheat germ)
Tea sandwiches
Graham crackers with honey sweetened cream cheese
Cheese & crackers
Rice pudding
Salsas (apple cinnamon, cucumber, pineapple)
Pizzas (on English muffins, pitas, crackers), calzones
Toasts with spreads
Deli meat & cheese with brown rice cakes
Spinach ricotta bites (from Weelicious)
Baked oatmeal
Zucchini coconut chocolate chip cookies
Fruity gelatin
Hard-boiled eggs
Cheddar & apple tartine
Avocado toast
Apple oat scones
Loaded baked potatoes
Chicken salad & crackers
Banana "splits"
Soft pretzels with dipping sauces
Pears baked in cream
Cheesy cornbread


  1. I needed this post. I'm in a food rut with Austin, and he's not happy about it either. He's getting sick of the same foods, and with not being able to give him any dairy because of his intolerance, it changes things. I tried Goat Cheese Brie last night, and he freaked out when he touched it. He does love scrambled eggs, rice, corn, crackers, and peanut butter toast or waffle. And, I try to sneak a few veggies into these meals. Because his weight is so low as well, most things get butter or olive oil on them, so that does help. That said, I'm thinking crepes with ham or turkey and muffins will be on the menu this week! Thanks for the great post!

  2. Love this - fantastic list. The other day I was thinking I should make K some apple and cheese quesadillas. People combine apples and cheese - why not put it in a nice warm tortilla?