September 2, 2013

At Long Last: A Local Pizza Farm

We did something pretty cool last weekend. We drove out to Long Lake (just the two of us!) and ate pizzas on a farm with some of our friends (and my brother and his gf).

The pizza farm in Stockholm has been on my radar for a while, but it's only on Tuesdays, and we just can't seem to get it together enough to go.

So I got excited when this one in Long Lake popped up--Two Pony Gardens.

Let me warn you: you have to sort of be on your a-game to have a good pizza farm experience. First, you have to make a reservation. No biggie.

Then, you have to plan what you're going to bring. Wine? Beer? Watermelon palomas?  What about dessert? (Not to mention, plates, bug spray, cups, napkins, a bottle opener...)

Third, if you want to eat in a timely manner (and score a cookie from the totally tempting piles displayed), you have to get there early. There seemed to be a jump from a 20 minute pizza wait to a 90 minute pizza wait within a five minute time span. If you're rolling w/o kids, I guess who cares, but still.

Let's have to watch out for poison ivy, too. Despite multiple emails beforehand warning us of the stuff, our group ended up sitting right on top of a nice thick patch of it. But, luckily for us, the woman who runs the pizza farm came to warn us right away and give us extra blankets. Have no fear, I think most of us escaped unscathed.

So, if you can handle all of that, you'll be set for a solid pizza farm night out.

Two Pony Gardens offer two pizzas each night: one margarita-style and one more adventurous pie with seasonal ingredients (last weekend, it included beets, walnuts, and roquefort). They were both good, maybe mostly because they had just been handmade, had come from a wood-burning oven, and were eaten in the middle of a beautiful farm.

I was particularly smitten with the stunning flower garden. There were horse drawn rides for kids we learned as we were trying to leave, squeezing past one in the narrow driveway. Next time, we must explore more.

The next morning, I quickly reserved 8 spots for the first weekend in October. I think October could be particularly pizza-farm-perfect. The weather will be cooler, it'll get darker and cozier earlier, we can make the switch from rose to red, and maybe the poison ivy will be dead? I'll let you know.

P.S. Thanks to my bro for most of the pics. Somehow I got too beside myself to take any photos.

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