September 14, 2011

Slogging & Breakfast

I haven’t had a whole lot to report in the world of food as of late. I’ve been caught up in the grind of going to work, rushing to make something decent for dinner, going to the gym, taking a shower, and heading to bed. Thrown in the middle of this was a trip out East where I had a surprisingly delicious dinner in Lancaster with my parents (but no camera to capture it) and surprisingly nothing interesting to eat while in NYC.

I feel like I’ve been slogging along.

But, as I walk to my car, do the dishes, wash my hair, and climb on the elliptical, this is what I have been thinking about: a plan to test drive a ton of different stuffing recipes in order to find the perfect few for Thanksgiving which we’re hosting this year, when I’m going to get to go pick apples at Sweetland Orchard, baking a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cake, making plans to go to La Belle Vie for the tasting menu in the lounge, the pie-for-dinner recipes in the newest Martha Stewart Living, and breakfast at Victory 44 Coffee Bar & Provisions.

I have been dreaming about breakfast at Victory 44 since we went a few Saturdays ago.

Breakfast is new there via the coffee bar, but dare I say I like breakfast there better than dinner?

Dinner is good, don’t get me wrong, but breakfast was special. There are very, very few places in town where you can get a breakfast that good.

Here is what I liked:

1.       The place wasn’t crowded and was easy to get into
2.       The charming single rose in a mason jar on the table, holding the drink menu down
3.       The communal tables in the middle of the place
4.       The single tables they also have for the anti-social peeps (me, Zach)
5.       The menu—I wanted almost every single thing

The Eggwich was by far the best egg sandwich to have ever crossed my lips. And this is saying a lot coming from someone who for the better part of her life refused to eat eggs. A fried egg, sausage, garlic aioli, compressed apple, cheese, all atop a buttery biscuit. And served with three perfect Breakfast Tots (fancy tater tots).

Zach’s Biscuits and Gravy was equally delicious and uber decadent.

But there were so many other things that I wanted--things that have been calling my name ever since.

Like the Waffle du Jour, which came with so many ridiculous things on that particular Saturday that I can’t even keep track of them all. I know there were peaches (I think they were also compressed), and I know there was mint. And I know there was stuff that made it decadent. Crap, the downside of not writing it down.

Like the doughnuts in the case at the counter that you can get if you’re grabbing your coffee to go.

Like the Benedict Du Jour.

I need to go back. Soon.

Until then, back to slogging.

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  1. Nice write-up and lovely photos! R and I are now hooked and literally go every weekend, so let us know if you ever want to meet up. :o)