March 3, 2011

I Have Something For You...

My mom and I have become obsessed with Maison Bouche chocolates. Have you had them?

I became smitten with their beautiful packaging, which comes in an array of stunning bright pastels.

My mom became smitten when she tasted their subtle but rich flavors. I sent her a bar of their lavender chocolate for Valentine’s Day (b/c I couldn’t resist the packaging). I finally had one myself last weekend—rose and mint. It was incredible. I’m not even a choc-aholic, and I thought it was amazing. It actually had crystallized mint leaves in it! I tried to savor it, but it still only lasted 24 hours.

My mom found these cute little mini bars online on the Maison Bouche website—you get 12 in a box for $15. Flavors: lavender, sea salt, geranium, rose, jasmine, bergamot orange.

Perfect hostess gift. Perfect birthday gift. Perfect indulgence just for yourself.

I’ll make you a deal. Become a follower of my blog, and you will have a chance at winning this extra box that I bought:

Become a follower by Sunday 3/6 at 5pm. That’s it.

You just might win.

(And yes, my very loyal friends, who have already become followers, you will be entered into the drawing as well!)

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