March 17, 2011

A Familiar Friend: Broders' Pasta Bar

I’ve developed a bit of a reputation when it comes to Broders' Pasta Bar.

Anyone who knows anything about me knows how I feel about it. It’s been a staple (seriously, a staple) for the past, I dunno, 5 years?

A weeknight destination for us. We generally saddle up to the bar, Zach and I, sit down, polish off a half carafe of Montepulciano, a shared Caesar, 2 pastas. And about 50% of the time, a tiramisu.

At one point, we were going so often that we were starting to get VIP perks (skipping the wait list, free dessert). With this, I fell even more in love. Zach got scared. Very very scared. “I think we must have hit some ridiculous sales threshold,” he said.

But I didn’t care. That’s what happens when you’re in love. You just don’t care.

Broders' should be in the arsenal of every single person in Minneapolis. The food is solid, the wait staff is small and always the same. Family owned. Cozy. Bustling with Southwest Mpls neighborhood vibes.

Unfortunately, we got out of the Broders' groove, Zach and I, since our whole “let’s try not to go out to eat  every single night thing.” Still not sure why we were / are trying that. I see us slowly slipping back into old routines as of late…

It’s seen me through a lot, that Broders' Pasta Bar. The stresses of homework and consulting projects during b-school, the excitement of being home for the weekend when I was temporarily relocated to Bentonville, AR for work. The reunion of my parents and I when they were back in town for Thanksgiving. Random Thursday nights. Random Tuesday nights. Even a fight between Zach and I.

My favorite thing on the menu? The number 9. The penne with rosemary cream tomato sauce. I must learn how to replicate it at home. It’s so simple, but so good, so comforting. Perfectly al dente penne, woodsy rosemary, sweet tomato sauce, creamy delicious comforting smooth heavy cream. It’s utterly delicious. Every four bites or so, I re-stir, so that the creamy goodness fully coats each penne piece. And every four bites, I melt all over again.

Once in a while, curiosity gets the best of me, and I try something else. Like the gnocchi with walnut saffron cream sauce (I’ve told you before how I feel about cream). Like the lasagna with crab.

Everything is always good, but I always go back to the number 9. It’s one of my favorite dishes in town. And for $9.50, a total steal.

Just like old times, we went back to Broders' tonight. It is Thursday after all. We had the half carafe, split the Caesar, 2 pastas.

Just like a familiar friend, that pasta bar.

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  1. I. love. Broders. #11 for me! So so yummy....