March 25, 2012

Something to Celebrate

I'm excited.

The path from getting my photos from my camera to my blog is now insanely shorter. This is life changing.

Before, Zach had to be involved in the transfer process. There was getting the photos downloaded onto our archaic business school laptop. Well, actually, they first had to be saved to an external hard drive because there was no more memory left on the laptop. This took a long time and invovled a complicated path that I didn't have the patience to learn. They they had to go into Picasa. This also took some time. Then the editing process was plain slow. Then, I had to boot up another laptop with the font I liked to type the content. The process was annoying. And that is part of why the blog has slowed down.

But it's all so much simpler now!

To celebrate, I'm having a cocktail. A mocktail. A prego cocktail.

It's a new favorite ritual. It makes me feel like I'm indulging. It makes me feel like I'm living a somewhat sophisticated life for a few minutes. And it's tasty. And one of the only things I'm eating that is healthy as of late.

There is no recipe. It's customizable.

It involves herbs (I've been using mint, but am going to explore with rosemary soon).

It involves fruit (I like raspberries best, but this was made with strawberries). I'm intrigued by the notion of using pineapple.

It involves some seltzer, some ice, and a garnish if you have one (but not required).

Into the cocktail glass goes the herbs and fruit. You muddle. I like to muddle.

You dump in the ice. Squeeze in the lime garnish if using. And you top with seltzer.

I'm sure some sugar added during muddling would be fabulous, but as I said, this is one of the few healthy things I've consumed in a few days. So, I skipped it.

Bottom's up.

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