October 9, 2011

File Under: For When it Gets Cold Again

A few weekends ago when it really felt like Fall (and I’m not complaining that it doesn’t now), I was craving the usual suspects: chili, mac & cheese, soup, homemade cookies, pumpkin everything.

I have really particular requirements when it comes to mac & cheese, just like I do with grilled cheese sandwiches (and maybe everything, to be honest). I’ve probably made 20 versions of different macs,  and I always come back to my old standby. The fancier the cheese, the less likely that I will like it (no thanks, Gruyere, Fontina, Tallegio). Some things should be left basic, and Mac & Cheese is one of them.

Okay, about to contradict myself. Sorta.

I like the base of my mac & cheese basic.

What goes on top is a different story.

For those rare occasions when mac & cheese on its own just won’t do it—or maybe when you just want to be over the top—let me suggest a mac & cheese BAR.

It goes like this:

Lots of caramelized onions…

Slow-roasted cherry tomatoes…

Crumbled  bacon…

Steamed broccoli for sensibility…

And everyone goes down the assembly line and customizes to their liking.

I couldn’t help but think tonight that the pulled pork I made would have also been delicious on it.

I won’t go on and on—you know this is a good idea. I will leave you drool over your own toppings.

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